About Huen Chen
  • Specialty in machinery design and manufacturing
    Huen Chen (Taiwan) has over 35-year experiences in manufacturing processing machines. The legacy has allowed us to carve a niche in our field as both a professional manufacturer and a competitive exporter. Our processing machines, such as riveting machines, snap fastening machines, eyeleting machines, cutting machines, punching machines, stripe machines, gluing machines, are widely applied in suitcases, leather bags, stationery, etc.
  • Efficiency, quality, large output
    Over 35 years' endeavors in developing our machinery toward precision, Huen Chen has been committed at offering a solution to efficiency, quality, and large output at a competitive price to you.
  • Production Line Planning
    With a diversity of machines at your choice, Huen Chen is capable of planning a production line from the scratch for our customers.
Company Basic Information
  • Founding Time
    Year 1981
  • Founder
  • Plant Area
    8000 Square Meters
  • Main Products
    Riveting machine, snap fastener machine, eyeleting machine, packaging machine, hydraulic cutting machine, drilling machine, cutting machine, stationery machine and etc. We also provide production line design or customized riveting machine.
  • Market
    Whole world
Company History
  • 2017
    Auto balancing four column hydraulic cutting machine
  • 2016
    Patented machines including servo riveting machine, radial riveting machine, pneumatic riveting machine
  • 2014
    Patented machine: Energy saving riveting machine
  • 2012
    HuenChen founded 30 years
  • 2008
    Mainland import and export trader
  • 2007
    ISO 9001:2008 Certification, China
  • 2006
    Machining tool
  • 2005
    HC-6FW, HC-5FLS, HC-13TR Stationery Machine, CE Certification
  • 2004
    New factory and equipment
  • 2003
    Huen Da Machinery Ind. Co. in DongGuan, China
  • 2001
    Office in Shanghai, China
  • 2000
    HuenRen Factory in KunShen, China
  • 1996
    Heading machine
  • 1995
    Huen Chen Machinery Co. Ltd. in DongGuan, China
  • 1992
    ISO-9001 Certification
  • 1990
    Exporting riveting machines
  • 1989
    Developing stationery machines
  • 1988
    HuenChen Logo
  • 1986
    Developing packaging machine
  • 1985
    Developing cutting machine
  • 1981
    HUENCHEN, main product is riveting machine