HC-450D-SAT Automatic Feeding Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Automatic feeding could increase the working efficient and ensure the operator safety.

Used for cutting large szie or output products such as plzzle, carpet, disposable tableware, stationery goods, EVA materials, leather and etc.

Model HC-450D-SAT HC-1850D-SAT
Cutting Pressure 60 tons 70 tons
Stoke 50~200 mm 50~200 mm
Working Area 920x1600 mm 1020x1850 mm
Motor 7.5HP 4P 10HP 4P
Machine Size (LxWxH) 3100x2700x1650 mm 3300x3000x1650 mm
Net Weight 4500 kgs 5000 kgs
Gross Weight 5000 kgs 5500 kgs