HC-450D Automatic Balancing 4-Column Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Automatic Balancing Structure ► 4-Column with automatic balancing design ensures the stable cutting output.

Double Hydraulic Cylinders ► Ensure the machine with large and smooth cutting process

One Stroke Operation ► Stroke request two hands operation and one emergency stop

Cutting Tool Mold ► Product shape is cut according to cutting tool shape. Easy to change cutting tool

Automatic lubricating ► Increase the machine use life

Application:Mess procution in leather, bag, plastic good and etc

Model HC-250C HC-300C HC-350C
Cutting Pressure 25 tons 40 tons 50 tons
Stroke 50~200 mm 50~200 mm 50~200 mm
Working Ares 500x1600 mm 600x1600 mm 760x1600 mm
Motor 3HP 4P 5HP 4P 5HP 4P
Machine Size (LxWxH) 1200x2300x1600 mm 1900x2500x1600 mm 2050x2500x1600 mm
Net Weight 2030 kgs 2700 kgs 3000 kgs
Gross Weight 2270 kgs 2900 kgs 3250 kgs


Model HC-450D HC-1850D
Cutting Pressure 60 tons 70 tons
Stroke 50~200 mm 50~200 mm
Working Area 920x1600 mm 1020x1850 mm
Motor 7.5HP 4P 10HP 4P
Machine Size (LxWxH) 2200x2500x1600 mm 2300x2500x1600 mm
Net Weight 3300 kgs 3900 kgs
Gross Weight 3550 kgs 4250 kgs