HC-OR20S Hydraulic Radial Riveting Machine

✔ The most advanced riveting technology.

✔ Servo motor is applied.

✔ Spindle speed could be adjusted according to different rivet materials to increase riveting quality and efficiency.

✔ Hydraulic power is applied to have great and stable riveting force.

✔ Patent: M495908

Riveting Capacity 6~18 mm
Throat Depth 200 mm
Stroke of Cylinder 5~40 mm
Max. Riveting Force 3,400 kgf
Gauge Pressure 10~70 kgf/cm2
Working Cycle Time 0.5~5 sec
Servo Motor 3Φ 220V 2kw
Hydraulic Motor 3Φ 220V 1.5kw
Dimensions 660 x 1160 x 1750 mm
Net Weight 790 kgs